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Date Registered: 12-2013
Location: Mt Isa, QLD
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Re: Non Standard additions and resale value:

Interesting read, especially because there is a 7yr difference between comments it will be interesting to see if this thread picks up regarding the T31 model.

Although I won't be getting rid of the Exy (only had 12 months but 22,000km) it is the perfect family car for us. I have considered the possibility of trading/selling private my 1997 hilux (a lil off topic).

Though I believe the principles behind extras would be the same, although dual cab hilux's would target a non-family background I guess and more rather the tradies. PM me if anyone interested ;-)

Back on topic, I would only take off my driving lights from all my upgrades. While I would think the nudge bar would be appealing on, I would only sell privately if I couldn't at least get 50% of its value with trade in.

Reggie I'm surprised that they would swap the AT tyres for HTs. I understand that they provide different advantages but I believe my 697s are safer than the original HTs and have an advantageous height advantage of 46mm from OME.

Benjamin X-3439
Mt Isa, QLD
05/10 T31 Exy, 2.5L Manual ST
K&N + A/C, 63mm ECB, 20" LED, 220 HIDs, TJM Bashplate, 2" Susp Kit, H/D Towbar, Whispbars, 235/70R16 697s, Hi-Tech Exhaust
To do: Brakes, Strut Bar, Side Steps, 6" Head Unit
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Date Registered: 12-2011
Location: Kalgoorlie, WA
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Yea I thought too. I guess it depends on who you trade in to. The Nissan dealer I went to had a different market in mind whereas the Ford dealer didn't care.

x-2202 (c)
New: 2014 Ranger PX XLS 3.2 Mods
Old: 2011 X-trail T31 TS Series 4 Mods
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