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Date Registered: 02-2019
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
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Re: Power Window Relay

I'm really keen to add this mod to my 2011 T31 Series IV, after coming from a Hyundai with this feature. While I'm pretty sure I could solder components to a well labeled PCB with good instructions, I don't think my knowledge or skills translate to building a board from scratch.

I have found on that famous online auction site a "DC12V 30A Multifunction Adjustable Delay Timer Relay On/Off Module". If there are still any electrical engineers active on the forum could someone possibly tell me if this would be suitable. I note the relay is only 30 amp where the design by Johnqld used a 60 amp relay.


Geoff X-5595
2011 T31 ST-L Series IV 4WD CVT - Diamond Black
Tow Bar | Tint | AEM Dryflow Filter | Dash mat, rubber floor mats and boot liner (FitMyCar) | Steering Wheel button lighting mod
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