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Date Registered: 02-2004
QR25DE Headers (The Collection) *reference post only*

Dear Members,

I have done a great deal of research on the internet today to be able to present you with ALL of the available headers/extractors for the QR25DE engine (our xtrail engine that is) so you can have this information available to you, which in turn enables you to look and research further and ultimately, make a choice if you're seriously in the market for an upgrade of the restrictive factory exhaust system.

The available headers/extractors are:

HotShot Headers

AEM Headers

DC Sport Headers

NISMO R-Tune Headers

Megan Racing Headers

Stillen Headers

The above covers all of the headers available overseas for the QR25DE engine. While they're designed for the Sentra Spec-V. They will most certainly fit the X-Trail which shares the same engine with the Sentra. However flanges and resonator configurations maybe a little different between the two vehicles, so it is advisable that you double check that before purchasing.

The Australian market, as been reported by one of our members also made a custom headers kit for the X-Trail in mild steel. The company that implemented this design is called Di Filippo, other mufflers shops in Australia who make mild steel headers for the T30 X-Trail are:


P.S. The photo shown on the DKNE website is of the stainless steel headers made by Hi-Tech mufflers, the DKNE headers are made of mild steel and they have them ceramic coated, so note this difference!

It is worth noting that we have NOT received confirmed results using these system with the T30 xtrail and the power increase associated with having this system in the xtrail.

Finally, we have the Hi-Tech Headers & Exhaust System which has been specifically designed and tuned for the Nissan X-Trail in Australia.

So, here are all of the options available to you (as requested), please spend the time and do your own homework in researching each of these alternatives carefully and form your own opinion which suits your needs and your budget.

It is worth mentioning that the Australian X-Trail Forum FULLY supports and endorses Hi-Tech Mufflers as the preferred Australian Business with a proven track record, enormous amount of experience in this field and guaranteed results.

It was my personal pleasure to oversee the creation of the Nissan X-Trail Hi-Tech exhaust system and be involved in its testing phases to be able to say with a huge confidence that should you ever decide to purchase it, you will NEVER look back and you will drive around knowing that you have the best exhaust system for the xtrail.

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