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Date Registered: 02-2004


Dear Members,

The Admin Team has come to a decision which will see any new member registering with the Australian X-Trail Forum being required to fill-in an application form when trying to make a in the INTRODUCTIONS section of the forum to gain membership and have their username added to the members list.

The application form needs to be filled out as shown below (click on the thumbnail to view the image in full size)


This process is also explained clearly on our home page HERE

They will NOT be able to make their first post anywhere else on the forum, until the above step is completed first.

We do spend quite a lot of time and "effort" trying to encourage and remind newbies to make intro posts telling us about their ride and location (State and Suburb is enough)

This information in turn helps other members of the forum provide the correct answers which in some cases are location dependant; it also shows signs of mutual respect and appreciation of this forum and our community by the newbies joining our ranks.

Thanks for your continued support.

P.S. This change should not affect any of the existing members already showing in the "Members List"

NOTE: The Introductions Section of the forum is reserved for Intros only. A new members is expected to make a post introducing themselves to the forum and providing a bit of history about their xtrail (if they have one). ALL questions should be asked in the appropriate section of the forum in a separate post or using any of the existing topics.

Last edited by jalalski, 23/Apr/2012, 9:03 am


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