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Date Registered: 02-2004
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***FOR SALE-Forum Rules***

This section of the forum is for buying, selling or swapping xtrail related stuff.

Note: Any commercial organisation wishing to advertise here must contact the administrator of the forum first at:

Seller & Buyer Guidelines:

1. The seller is permitted to post any details they see fit and relevant to the item they're selling.

2. Please do not use this as a redirect link to advertise something you are selling on another classified or auction site. For example if you advertise it on here members must be able to purchase it through this forum and through this post, not in an auction somewhere else.

3. The seller is encouraged to answer any questions from potential buyers about the item they're selling promptly.

4. The seller should not post any personal information in their ad. (example: Personal phone numbers and email addresses). This is for your own privacy protection.

5. Both buyer and seller to negotiate the price outside of the forum, using the PM and Email features provided in the forum.

6. The buyer is permitted to ask for further information and clarification on the item being sold, provided that the question is directly related to the item. Any irrelevant questions will be automatically deleted without notice.

7. The forum takes no responsibility for any disputes that may arise as a result of any transaction that takes place.

8. No time wasters or dreamers! If you can't afford the item being offered for sale or not interested in buying it, do NOT make a post that will delay the selling process and get the seller involved in a fruitless conversation with you when you have no intention to buy. This will slow down the selling process and deprive other legitimate buyers from an opportunity to buy the item they are interested in.

9. Both buyer and seller to acknowledge and agree with the above terms before proceeding.

10. The Seller to include the STATE where the item/s is/are located in the Subject of the advert to help buyers identify the location of the items just by looking at the advert title.

Members selling their items are also advised to notify the Admin Team once their item/s has been sold, so the post can be deleted. This will prevent you from receiving messages about an item you no longer have and would also help in keeping the for sale section of the forum up to date. in-active "for sale" threads will be automatically deleted after 6 months of inactivitty.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Ebay & the On-Line X-Trail Shop

While advertising most ebay items on the forum is permitted, eBay does not really require any sort of advertising to promote the item being sold there, as it is quite a common source of accessories for all sorts of vehicles and the most logical place to be looking for these.

In addition to the above, the Australian X-Trail Forum has spent quite a considerable amount of time, effort and finances to have many of the X-Trail accessories made available to members of the forum (and others) through the direct services provided by the On-Line X-Trail Shop.

Please be mindful when posting links to an item that is already being offered and is available through the On-line X-Trail Shop.

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Member ID: X-072 (Retired Administrator)
2003 X-trail, TI, Manual, (Series 1) - (with the works)
2013 Toyota Prado, Manual, Turbo Diesel - (Snorkel-K&N-Full Exhaust, 20" Low Profiles, Chrome Bullbar, HID Spots, + All the Bling!)
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