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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Re: Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry

Hi Everyone,

I'm back in action, emoticon. I must say I'm one of the lucky ones that have power restored and telephone lines still in-tact. Many homes in the Cairns district are still without power and many major intersections still don't have operational traffic lights.

I've also recently been told that my family in Innisfail were last contacted during the eye of the cyclone, and we haven't heard from them since then, emoticon. All telehone lines are down in Innisfail, and basic services such as water and sewerage are also not operating.

Anyhow as promised here is some video footage and some pics of the destruction that occured in Cairns. Please note that areas around Babinda, Innisfail, Tully, etc were hit with about twice the force that you see here.


Image 3.49MB Image 6.73MB Image 2.36MB

(Those on a high speed connection, be sure to set the Quality: Original, this setting can be found a few lines below the video itself)


Here is my beloved "Ice-cream Bean" tree that you see in my avatar.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Here are some general pics of the neighborhood.

Image Image Image Image Image

And here is a photo of Silvia's uncle's driveway.


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