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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Forum Group-Buy Policy

A group-buy through the forum is certainly possible if the following takes place:

1. There is enough interest to start-up a group-buy

2. One of the existing members of the forum who has implemented a mod or is offering a part and/or accessory provides a brief summary of what is involved (parts, costs..etc) to the forum Administrator/s.

3. A member volunteers to coordinate this group-buy and be the central point of contact for all those who take part in it.

The Administrator/s will give that member permission to approach the manufacturer on behalf of the Australian X-Trail Forum and the ability to negotiate using the forum name.

All financial transactions can only be arranged by the Head Administrator to minimize risks, so any other group-buy which the admin is not involved in, would need to take place whereby participants pay the manufacturer/supplier direct.

Members are NOT authorized to negotiate deals with manufacturers or otherwise using the Australian X-Trail Forum name without prior permission of the forum administrator/s. Failure to do so may result in membership cancellation.

Members need to be mindful and aware that international group-buy transactions carry an element of risk and may in some cases result in sellers not delivering a product. While the Australian X-Trail Forum would make every effort to minimize such risk, it does exist and it can happen, so please use your own judgment.

For further questions, please ask.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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