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Date Registered: 02-2004
Location: Panania, Sydney
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nissan concept vehicle - dunehawk

Headlights and grille is abit too high-tech for my liking, but there is mention of a second/upgraded version of the X-Trail's 4x4 system

Oh, and I like the tread on the tyres, too emoticon


Roof looks like the X-Trail ST-R with it's driving lights built into the roof racks. Nice.

Last edited by basshead, 27/Feb/2004, 11:06 pm

Rich. X-013(c)
'04 S2 ST Auto. Nudge_roofracks_tow_tints_Lightforce_GME_YokoGeoA/T-S_TBS_bashplate_50mm-spacer-lift
Click here to see >300MB of photos and videos All For His Glory.
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