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Date Registered: 02-2021
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T31 dash mount and phone holder / cradle install

Installed a Sony XAV-AX1000 ( that has a front mounted USB, so having to place phone in the dashboard storage box with a cable running out of the box to connect to the head unit for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to work.

Whilst ok for daily driving (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow me to use most apps I need), I've recently had two issues come up.

1. My iPhone can overheat locked in a closed black storage box (hello Australian summer, seems the Android has no issues).
2. I’m unable to run my DashCommand app in either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (Recently installed a bluetooth OBD2 reader here to view live engine / performance data, particularly average fuel and km range remaining. This OBD2 device pairs to apps like the DashCommand app, but turns out that neither Apple nor Google allow these types of apps to display within CarPlay / Android Auto).
3. I've had the cable get in the way of using some dash controls.

Install a dash mount and compatible phone holder to run phone and head unit screens in the cabin. I wanted a cleaner look then something just attached to an air vent with wires going all over the shop.
Naturally, in many countries/states you cannot touch your phone whilst driving, so keep that in mind if you are tempted.

Parts used:
1. ClicOn dash mount (Nissan X-Trail 08-13) non navigation part number (654066). If you have a x-trail with the OEM navigation system use part number 654068. Note: They also do mounts for all other x-trail models (here or here).
2. ClicOn phone holder / cradle which just was a repackaged Portagrip branded phone holder. I went for one that supports phones between 57 to 95mm. Part number 15585.
3. Braided USB <> Lightening / USB C 30mm short cable.

Tools needed:
- Phillips Head Screw Driver
- Plastic trim remover tool (this is provided in the ClicOn dash mount kit)

1. Install the ClicOn dash mount using the detailed instructions provided, be sure to clean the install area with the alcohol pad provided before you start.
Make sure you do the gap between the control panel and the dash first, then do the gap between the stereo and the surrounding frame. That way it ’clicks’ in.
2. Once the Dash Mount is installed, make sure the adhesive has stuck before you screw your phone holder AMPS mount to the Dash Mount.
3. Connect you chosen phone holder to the AMPS mount then run a short USB cable behind it to the head unit.

- I think it looks clean
- Does not obstruct HVAC controls
- Does not obstruct any of the air vents
- Holder does small to larger devices (i.e. my old android phone I used for 4WD Maps and DashCommand apps) and can be swapped out if required for other devices
- It rotates a full 360 degrees and is easily locked into place (i.e. say you want to have your phone landscape)

- The screws included are cheap and I cannot screw the holder to dash mount completely flush as the screws are starting to thread. Will replace with better screws once hardware stores open again.
- Price!

Alternative approach:
- The ClicOn dash mount has pre-drilled holes that use a AMPS standard pattern, so you could get the identical phone holder much cheaper. I found way cheaper AMPS phone holders / cradles on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.
- You could also go for a magnetic AMPS mount kit for an even cleaner look.

Last edited by Nickelass, 11/Sep/2021, 6:47 pm

2010 ST (MY10). ** MODIFIED*** King lifted springs, Rear protection tray, Sony XAV-AX1000 headunit, CMD05 Command parking sensors, Garnish Mount reversing camera, Tow bar, Left side cargo drawer, ClicOn dash mobile mount
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