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Date Registered: 08-2015
Location: Yanchep
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Worley 3 core radiator

Hi All

There have been a couple of forum members asking about the Worley aluminium radiators that are available on ebay for our X-trails. After severe overheating occurred on my T31 whilst towing a caravan I thought that I had done a head gasket. This did not end up being the case. I proceeded to replace all of the minor cooling system components until I got to the radiator, none of it solved my towing overheating problem. You can see what I replaced in the head gasket thread. The original radiator that I removed did seem to be in good condition, but I have no idea about the internal cores.

I was unsure of these Worley radiators because they are made in China and are cheap, but I thought that they were worth a look at because they are easy to repair if the welds are shoddy.

First impressions of the radiator when it arrived were good, the welds looked good, but I was unsure of the fit because it was so much thicker then the original part. The radiator cap was the larger size, but the same pressure as the original.

Fitting was easy. The only fettling required was the thermo fan housing bottom brackets needed to be thinned a little because the brackets on the new radiator were a little thinner. The bottom studs on the new radiator were a little bigger then the original, but were persuaded to fit using some dishwashing liquid.

I have now been testing the new aluminium radiator since summer, I did not want to post this report until I had done a proper evaluation. I have done about 2000km towing in temperatures up to 40 degrees and have climbed the Greenmount hill on several occasions. My X-trail is running cool and I am very happy with it.

I am not sure if other forum members are having trouble with overheating when towing with the original 2 core radiator. If you are, I recommend the el cheapo Worley 3 core radiator found on ebay.



2007 T31 Manual petrol, 17 inch alloys, JVC 12 CD stacker in diamond white.
13/Jun/2021, 2:25 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 07-2015
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Re: Worley 3 core radiator

Hi Kev,
 I've just ordered one. After a couple of days of driving the sand dunes at Stockton Beach, with the constant overheating of the engine coolant and then as a consequence the CVT on day 1, I thought I would invest in one and see how it goes.
 Great to see your getting good results from it. I'll be fitting it before our next outing to Stockton and keen to see how it goes.

X-4282 (c)
Glen Alpine, Sydney
2010 T31 Cvt STL
13/Jun/2021, 5:22 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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