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Date Registered: 05-2014
Location: Hervey Bay QLD
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Knocking sound from LHS passenger rear

Hi all, proud owner of T32 ST-L 2015 4WD and loving it but one issue is driving me insane! There is a knock/rattle coming from the rear LHS and it sounds like it's behind the plastic panel. I've had everything out including spare wheel, jack, tools etc everything but still it persists. I can be going very slowly over even slightly uneven ground or even just cornering on our uneven bitumen in Queensland and the sound will be there. It sounds like metal on plastic or something similar. I've even checked under the wheel for a loose lining but to no avail. If there's an easy way to get that rear plastic panel off then if someone could show me (with pictures) that would be great! Someone suggested it could be inside there with the rear seat belt tensioner but I literally have no idea! If anyone could help you'd make me very happy! Has anyone else suffered this?
3/Jan/2021, 5:05 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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