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Date Registered: 05-2016
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Troubleshooting loss of Power 2009 T31 Diesel

This post is quite long but I thought the story was worth sharing with other T31 Owners. I have done some work on my son’s T31 diesel (details to follow) trying to get find the reason for almost total loss of power/stuttering operation at revs greater than about 2800rpm when stationary and much lower revs 1800 to 2000 rpm when moving. Vehicle has clocked up 145,000km.
Nissan X Trail

Model TS
Series T31
Body Wagon
Colour Diamond Black
Compliance Plate Date 2009
Build Sep-08
Purchased 31/03/2009
Trans 6 speed Manual
Engine 4 cyl, M9R, 2.0dCi
Fuel Diesel
VIN JN1TCNT31A0001968
Engine No. M9RC838C001019

Brief Vehicle History

Early in life of vehicle (about 5 weeks old) DPF light came on. The owners manual was consulted and the instructions re ‘DPF regeneration’ were followed. Light came on again shortly thereafter so consulted dealer. The post purchase common story about needing to drive the vehicle at highway speeds to ‘regen’ the filter (1hours operation at greater than 80kph) was given by Dealer (WPA) and acted on. Vehicle used to travel 5 days per week to/from work with trip involving 20mins at highway speeds twice per day (Brisbane/Ipswich motorways). Vehicle has had three trips Brisbane/Rockhampton return and no bush bashing or beach work. Services have been done ‘reasonably’ to schedule. At 105,000km vehicle serviced and travelled Brisbane/Canberra return with no problems at highway speeds. EGR valve fault codes first appeared at 127,000 km and since EGR system has been removed and cleaned three times plus two on-line spray cleans. Latest new fuel filter at 127000km New Air conditioner compressor and clutch fitted at 140,000km. Recommended fuels, lubricants and filters always used. Since 127000km and first EGR system ‘trouble’ vehicle performance has been unpredictable and erratic. At times so erratic as to be dangerous.

At 145000km the following were removed and cleaned:

MAF sensor
 (found with film of oil and soot on sensor wires)
A/F Ratio Sensor
 (found with light deposit of fine soot)
Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor
 (found clear)
Exhaust pressure sensor
 (At turbo inlet. Connector clear but impulse line to sensor blocked)
Exhaust pressure sensor
 (at DPF outlet. Found clear at connection to exhaust)
Turbo Boost Control Solenoid Valve
 (Operation appeared suspect. Seemed to be able to get airflow across diaphragm) Vacuum system confirmed working well as was TGV actuator.

Some Before and After shots of the components
MAF sensor
As removed

 Oil in hose downstream of MAFS, but upstream of inlet from engine vent line inlet.

MAFS After cleaning
Image Image

EGP sensor
As removed (connection to exhaust was clear)
Image Image

After cleaning impulse line (was blocked). Pushed light cable fully through.

A/F Ratio Sensor
As removed

After cleaning

TBP sensor
Was removed and found clear.

As well as the above I used a multimeter to determine the voltage output from the MAF sensor and got the following results:
Could not get engine past 3000rpm reliably.

As I had no access to a scanner for the vehicle it was booked into Westpoint Auto Indooroopilly (Brisbane) with the request to scan the vehicle and report the engine fault codes. What follows are my notes on what happened.

Notes on Diagnostic Check on T31 XTrail, 869-LPN, 4/5/17, by Westpoint Autos (WPA), Indooroopilly, Qld
• Checked vehicle in as pre-arranged at 0720h
Request to scan vehicle computer and advise fault codes. I remained on site in location advised by WPA (upstairs in the ‘waiting room’)
• 0850h, after no feedback while pacing the floor notice WPA technician using screwdriver in vicinity of MAF sensor on car.
Went to reception and asked Customer Service Representative (CSR) what codes were found, why was car being worked on and why was I not informed of codes found as requested.
CSR did not know answers to questions but said she would find out and advise and that I should ‘wait a minute’. CSR advised description of faults but not the codes.
• At 0910h went back to reception and asked for progress status update. Was told need more time but suspect MAF sensor, IAT sensor, EGP sensor could be issues. Approved $70 spend on fault finding and strongly requested CSR to keep me fully informed of progress and status of findings.
• Noticed vehicle moved from codes checking area at 0920h approx to some other location?
No list of codes given and at 0940h code list not given as yet. Appeared to be working on vehicle in different location?
• So far no person has come to speak to me in response to my original request.
1015h back at reception asking to see codes as no one has come to me.
Car is parked up and appears to be done? although no one has advised me of the status.
( comment: This is very unsatisfactory customer service although the driver of the courtesy car was very friendly and offered me his contact details and to take me wherever I wish to go).
Insisted to see the actual codes and this was arranged. Asked if the 4 codes shown was the full list and told yes. Codes were: P0470 EGPS, P0100 MAFS, P0110 IATS and P1525 ASCD.
MAF voltage at idle advised as out of range and thus looked suspect. Approved further checks on MAF sensor to max $280.00 total cost.
Left car at WPA 1035h and left site temporarily.
• Returned to car 1400h and it had left parking bay so assume it was being worked on.
• Next thing I know at 1558h, I get a txt saying car is ready. CSR explains that fault was actually DPF partially blocked and now all good. I asked CSR to explain how/why no fault code for DPF system and no explanation was given. Paid bill and meanwhile techn had left vehicle idling. Opened driver’s side door and tested throttle/engine response. At 2800rpm engine immediately stuttered (as it was doing in the as-delivered state at 0715h earlier that day) and clearly car not fixed. This is for real.
Informed CSR and foreman took car back to workshop at 1620h.
Do these people know what they are doing?
• 1650h Foreman (Ross) had changed out MAF sensor and a marked improvement in engine response was observed with vehicle stationary. He advised MAF sensor voltage profile was improved and more typical of better performance from the sensor. Conformed EGP sensor functioning as required.
• As fuel level was low, (warning light was on), ¾ filled tank with diesel and drove from Indooroopilly to The Gap and improved performance was noted although it seemed to me that turbo boost was absent with full throttle, 3rd gear up steep incline as a test.
• Requested owner of vehicle to test and at 2000h owner confirmed vehicle still low on power as though turbo boost not being applied when vehicle drive over a reference road as a test. (Uphill, full throttle, 3rd gear). Owner commented turbo boost sound from engine bay (as heard by driver in cabin) is absent.
• Plan is to return vehicle to WPA 0715h 5/5/17 and report that vehicle is not repaired.

5/5/17 findings and report.
• Dropped car in and attended to at 0720h.
Arranged to discuss my thoughts with techn.
Talked through what I knew and agreed with techn to check turbo boost control solenoid valve.
• Techn. found this to be electrically OK but mechanically u/s?
Swapped known good TBCSV with suspect part and boost responded well on test drive by techn.
• Authorized techn to obtain and fit new part.
$265.00 est. cost. No labour charge.
• Test drove vehicle from Indooroopilly to The Gap and improved performance was noted.
Turbo was at last responding and boost was obviously happening. Full throttle, 3rd gear up steep incline as a test pick-up was back to normal. The weak rattling sound was gone and the turbo operational sound had returned.
Awaiting verdict from regular driver.
• Regular driver (my Son) reports ‘boost is back’ and vehicle is operating as well as it ever has.
• Decided (6/5/17) to check MAF sensor reading to compare with those previously reported above. The voltages were , given the precision of the measurement (recorded value +- 0.05V), for all intents and purposes, the same for the MAF sensor that was changed out.

• Which raises the question; was the original MAFS really changed out? If it was why are the voltage readings that were from a ‘bad’ MAFS practically identical to those from an ‘obviously’ good one? Maybe the problem was a faulty Inlet Air Temperature sensor (which is combined, in this instance, within the Mass Air flow sensor) and hence the reason for the P0110 code. Who would know? Maybe WPA; but then again, maybe not.

If anyone is interested in the data just PM me.

9/May/2017, 3:11 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 12-2008
Location: Sydney
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Re: Troubleshooting loss of Power 2009 T31 Diesel

I know this is an old post although im having a similar issue where 2nd,3td,4th gear at about 3200rpm hits a flat spot. Havent tried 5th.
Hooked up the scanner with my mechanic and simulated the issue and shows boost coming on although at 3200rpm it drops right off.

Mechanic is looking to replace the boost controller solenoid valve and hoping it fixes the issue. Judging from above it looks like it will.

2008 T31 TL DCI 6 Speed Manual X-Trail (x-1083)
with JAOS Strut Bar, K&N filter, Mats, Rubber Boot Liner, Tints, Cargo Barrier, Towbar, glove box light, dashmat, Geo ATS 225/60/17 & now with babyseat

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