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Date Registered: 11-2016
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posticon worn bores and piston rings - 2004 T30 Manual Petrol

Hi Guys,

I have only just joined this forum but have googled allot and frequented these pages allot when deciding on buying my Xey.

I bought her March this year and have done 9100km since. she now has 252k on the clock.

From April I noticed a little oil and water consumption (there was water in the radiator not coolant). This was only noticed after I had to call the mechanic out as the car would not turn over. Apparently the battery died so a new one was put in.

I did not worry about the oil and water again until the car would not start early June. The oil was low on the dipstick and no water. I put in 1l of oil and 3l of water. left it to run for 15min before driving anywhere.

From then I checked and topped up every 2-3 weeks. nothing significant but noticeable.

August, I put in coolant (the red one or so I was told at Autobarn was the correct coolant). Since then, there was not much in oil consumption, even during a 500km trip but I did have to top up 1l of coolant. I have had no power loss while driving, no indications of low oil or water on the dash or overheating on the gauge, no noticeable smoke and no evidence of carbon around the back of the car.

I went to a mechanic and he said it was just the radiator cap, put a new one on and the consumption of coolant reduced again. I was still concerned and wanted a service done before I drove the Cairns.

I went to a different mechanic who had a look and said I had a blown head gasket. So I went to the Warranty company to get that sorted, they asked for a full report which meant removal of the head. Oh no, worn bores and piston rings. Now the warranty company wont pay, I have a $450 bill and no derivable vehicle!

I'm looking for help, I'm trying to prove that this damage was pre-existing my purchase = defect at time of sale which means I can take the trader to court to have a new engine put in or a replacement or refund.

I need to prove that it would not be reasonable to expect a car of its age, km and price paid to last only 7months. A new engine was going to cost 4,500 and the car is not worth much more than that, so I need the Auto Trader to pay or I have to scrap the car. I don't want to scrap her but if I can't get the Auto Trader to pay, its not a viable financial option. I enjoyed driving her and was looking forward to start doing some 4WD over the Xmas/New Year period, I had someone who was going to teach me driving on a beach trip.

Your advice and ideas would be most helpful, So far my mechanic says that there is no way I could have done this and I have emailed a cylinder specialist who said that the overheating caused a blown head gasket and collapsed piston rings meaning that the consumer Guarantees Act should protect me and support me in winning my case at QCAT.

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Date Registered: 11-2016
Location: Brisvegas, Northside
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The sad thing is, the extended warranty mobs have an exit clause for just about everything they sell.. worst part is that there is a word used in most policies that bend you over a barrel before you even start... discretion.

It costs you more to get diagnosed than what the repair would cost, in which case the insurance co. can turn around and say "nah.. your flux capacitor died and that fried the frapps and this cause the failure and we don't cover that.. no money for you"
Fighting it in court is another expense you eed to weigh up... sometimes its worth more to you to repair it yourself.

Also.. being outside the 3mth 5000km stat warranty period doesn't help either... which itself is almost as pointless as a paid for warranty...

Hope you get it sorted bud

Craig "BigBro" X4853

2010 TS 6spd Oil burner - Stock everything.. has a cargo barrier! Woohoo!

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