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Date Registered: 07-2016
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posticon NEW MEMBER + cheap and easy dual battery under the hood install

Hi Everyone,
Im from Newcastle, NSW
I have a 2010 T31, white, petrol 4x4
17" Wheels with 225/70/17 tyres

I have had the xtrail for almost 2 years
I picked up some 17's and fitted bigger tyres pretty soon after i got it. I was really unhappy with the duellers that were on it. to fit 225/70/17 there was a couple of places where it rubbed, but after cable tying back some plastic and a few hits with a big hammer in one spot, there is no significant rubbing.
These tyres give good squish on the beach and the bigger diameter not only helps ground clearance but also corrected the speedo which was out by 10% from the factory.

I came across this forum looking for the best way to do dual batteries, I read as much as i could from the forum and got some great ideas.

I am a photographer, so i was wanting to have power to my engel to keep things cool all day in the car, without having issues starting the car. I also have a camper trailer and get to some un-powered camp sites, so having a permanently installed dual battery would be helpful there too.

I really didnt want to waste any trunk space, and was considering a AGM battery in the spare wheel well as someone had done, but i decided instead to go with a Dual batteries under the bonnet.

I modified the original battery tray ( grinding off bits that are in the way and welding new hold down rods in place).
By rotating the original starter battery 90 degrees to the right, all the way to the airbox pipe, this left space for a slightly smaller battery to take over starting duties ( reversed terminal orientation )

I purchased a supercheap auto dual battery kit at their 20% off sale unbeatable value at $88

adding a fuse holder and some extras ( anderson plugs, fuse holder ect ) brings the

components to about $120

( tip from this forum) I brought the cable through the gromet in the firewall behind the glove box by pushing coat hanger through from the inside, lube the cable and pull it through, no need to remove anything under the bonnet to do this.

At the rear, in pulled the cables through the vent holes in the plastic near the accessory socket, and also ran two small cables back to the socket from the anderson plug installed ( so the socket now is powered all the time) .

The new starter battery is a NS60S and is 430CCA / RC 75 ( slightly down on the 55d23L that was in it already at 500CCA / RC 90 ), which will probably end up with a shorter life span than the original fittment, but is definately capable

When the previous starting battery dies i will install a marine battery / deep cycle in its place, but for now, its doing fine.

Weekend after next ill be camping and will see how long the old battery can keep the engel going before reaching critical voltage.

the link below will download a photo of the batteries etc under the hood.


I hope this helps somebody else in a similar situation.

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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: NEW MEMBER + cheap and easy dual battery under the hood install

Hi Wayne and welcome to the forum.

Your member number is X-4714

Glad to have you as a formal member.

This section of the forum is reserved for introductions only. Your post about the dual batteries set-up will be better placed in the DIY Guides section of the forum where it will benefit other members. Thanks.

Your post has automatically granted you Regular Membership status and access to most (but not all) forum sections. You now have the option to upgrade to Full Membership to gain access to all forum sections (details HERE).

There is a lot of useful information around the various threads and I am sure you will be quite busy reading it all.

Please use the search feature of the forum first and post any questions you may have into existing threads where possible. Try to avoid creating a new thread if the topic is already covered, thanks.
Let us know if you need any help with any aspect of the forum and we will be more than happy to assist.

We have set-up quite an extensive forum guide section which you may like to refer to for help and it can be found HERE

As a new member you are encouraged you to familiarize yourself with the following section of the forum: Site Navigation & Forum Guides

If you could update your location and add your name, Member ID and Exy model into your signature of the Miscellaneous section of the Control Panel it would help us all to answer any future questions you might have.


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