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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Old Member Return

Hello Fellow X-Trailers!

Yes it's been a long time since I've been here, however I have some problems with my X-Trail and this forum is still indisputably the best source for information about the X-Trail worldwide.

Firstly full commendations to Jalal for the upkeep and maintenance of this site, I'm still amazed at your dedication to the X-Trail community after all these years!

For some of you, you might be amazed to hear I still have my 2003 X-Trail (too much blood ,sweat and tears to sell her). She's just under 13 years old now, 124,000Kms on the clock and only just started to experience some problems (i.e. faulty coils and A/C on full blast which needs a new resistor), not bad considering her age and this is the first of any major problems.

Anyway just thought it a courtesy to place a post in the Introductions due to my lengthy absence.

Happy Xtrailing!

Member ID: X-072 (Retired Administrator)
2003 X-trail, TI, Manual, (Series 1) - (with the works)
2013 Toyota Prado, Manual, Turbo Diesel - (Snorkel-K&N-Full Exhaust, 20" Low Profiles, Chrome Bullbar, HID Spots, + All the Bling!)
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Hi Noel,

Lovely to see you back mate.

I actually thought you sold the Exy already, so it's nice to see it still alive and kicking. It reminds me of my chrome beast T30 which I still miss very much.


31/Jan/2016, 5:37 am Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog
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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Re: Old Member Return

Hi Noel Image

Nice to hear you still have the Xtrail.
I also still have mine, also a Series 1 2003, almost 180k on it now and replaced a few worn-out things like shocks, front drive shafts and engine mounts, doing all front suspension bushes and tensioner/belt now, then injector overhaul and chasing aircon problem (not getting cold). Done a lot of mods and still more planned (one BIG one on the wishlist with the part sitting in the garage). Not thinking of parting with it or upgrading anytime soon.

Anything you need help with I'm sure we can help.

Kev X450(c) T30 Guru
03 Titanium Ti T30 Series 1 **MODIFIED**
My Blog
My CarPC Worklog
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