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Date Registered: 10-2015
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Potential owner with questions

Asked this in the intro section, but thought I might get faster response here... Sorry for duplicating.

Hi X-trailers.

I’m looking to buy an X-trail as my next car and was hoping forum member’s experiences might help me decide which one.

I currently drive a MY05 Forester, but find it just a bit too small to fit our camping gear, and a bit gutless with 3 people, bikes on the roof and gear inside.

We use our car to drive “into town” (we live in the bush 7 minutes from Hobart, 70km/h all the way, no traffic lights) to take our son to school each day (and will for the next 2-3 years) and to go camping/fishing on the weekends, usually at least an hour or two driving, often on dirt. I fish a lot and find the clearance and low-range of the Forester is great for getting into small tracks leading to lakes and rivers. Nothing fully “4WD” required though.

A few questions about X-Trails. I think I’d like to get a T31 diesel in Auto, but…

- I have heard bad reports about reliability (Particulate filters etc). Is this mainly occurring for city users? We’d drive it for 30+ minutes at 100km/h every weekend. We very rarely drive in stop-start traffic.
- Will a manual or auto suit 4WD stuff better? I use low-range on the Forester to crawl out of steep-ish and rocky tracks, and worry that 1st gear on the manual gearbox in the X-Trail might not be low enough.
- Is the Auto good/better/worse for towing? I plan on getting a boat :-)
- Is there any difference in clearance between the T30 and T31?
- Is a simple spring spacer-lift going to buy me some cheap clearance? Will be looking for tough dirt-road tyres too.

Thanks in advance!

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Date Registered: 08-2012
Location: Canberra, ACT
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Hey Brad

- If you're doing regular bursts @ 70-80km/h, you won't have problems with the DPF. I've had mine for 120,000km and only 1 had regen since i've owned it from new - that was after 3 days of 4WD'ing at slow speeds.

- The manual is tuned for more power, as the Nissan auto couldn't handle the punch of power. The plus side is, you won't need to pay stupid money (think $4k+) to replace a clutch. I think Ian had an auto and he took it to some crazy places; you should be fine overall in the auto. I preferred the 6 speed manual, for the power but I do a lot (close to 30,000kms/year) of highway driving and the auto doesn't shift into 6th until 125km/h from memory. Its set up for european highways (130km/h limits).

- depends on how heavy the boat is, how far you're going and the terrain: I've taken 1.5t down Mt Clyde in ACT/NSW... I pretty much melted my brakes (because my dumbass mate forgot to release the hydraulic brake) and I was able to continue on, albeit slowly, using my manual gear box to slow down. Also, the extra power helped towing the motor bike trailer back up Mt Clyde back to Canberra. But again... an auto might be better as you're not using the clutch up (remember: $4k+)

- not sure on the diff between T30 and T31. T30 has that silly muffler sticking out at the back, the T31 has the silly plastic bumper that tends to scope and crack on steep inclines and at beaches.

- no spacer lift for T31. You need King or Pedders spring lift + heavy duty shock absobers for the diesel (as the motor is heavier).

Michael K
2012 X-Trail Series IV Diesel TS
Member X-2600 (C)
Mods: Pedders Lift Kit, Bash Plates, 16" X-trail Steel Rims, 235/70/16 A/T Tyres, Heavy Duty shock absorbers
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Date Registered: 10-2011
Location: Darwin, NT
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Hi Brad,

I have a 2011 TL Auto.

In answer to your questions:
- As Michael mentions, if you regularly do speeds 70kmh plus then you won't have a problem with the DPF. Like Michael, I hardly ever see a DPF regen, particularly if you don't drive the engine like a tractor (keep the revs up) and let the auto gearbox select the gear, don't force 6th in sports mode like some have reported. This engine likes to sing a little. You'll find the auto spends a lot of time in 5th gear because 6th doesn't engage until around 112kmh (Renault gearbox, designed for European freeways).
- I've towed with the auto but the limit is only 1200kg. This limitation is not because of the torque limit from the engine, but because the transmission is unable to be fitted with a cooling kit and anything more than 1200kg will overheat the transmission (almost a word for word quote from the Nissan service manual). It is nothing to do with a torque limit from the M9R engine.
- Other answers, refer to Michael as I'm a self confessed soft-roader! I will mention though that the auto does creep very well off-road and in first gear it will climb a tree. The auto handles off-road work very well. I've taken her up Mount Coree in the Brindies, a number of National Parks in WA and more recently off-road in Litchfield Park, NT.

Overall I've really enjoyed this car and the last major problem I had was an EGR valve failure at 27,000km. This in turn took out the DPF. I actually think a Nissan dealer in WA may have put the wrong oil in it, but was never told as it was all repaired under warranty, no questions asked. Since then I've had 60,000km of trouble free motoring. I only let it be serviced by a Nissan dealer and I always use premium diesel in it wherever possible. Eurodiesels are a little fussy about fuel quality.

Anyway, whatever decision you make, good luck.


Last edited by Exywarrior, 16/Nov/2015, 7:00 pm

Mark T
2011 Series 4 T31 TL Auto - Twilight, factory towbar, factory mats, tinting, Cooper CS5s, cathodic protection, paint protection, yada yada...and no Provent
16/Nov/2015, 6:51 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 12-2011
Location: Kalgoorlie, WA
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I had a manual and it was awesome. It had so much power. I drove a rental with auto which was gutless compared to the diesel. I used mine for some hill climbs that exys are not suppose to be on. Never stopped me. You just have to learn how to use the clutch properly. When I mean properly, know what revs to release the clutch without burning the clutch and at what revs to let traction control to do its job. A big learning curve for me as it was my first 4wd but it was a fun and challenging learning curve.

x-2202 (c)
New: 2014 Ranger PX XLS 3.2 Mods
Old: 2011 X-trail T31 TS Series 4 Mods
19/Nov/2015, 11:55 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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