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Date Registered: 11-2010
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When You Don't Own the New X Trail You Just Bought

Bought my new T32 X Trail from a local dealer beginning of June 2015, having traded in my old T31. No problems, and was enjoying driving MY new X Trail for 3 weeks.

It was just after 3 weeks later I started getting fines for unpaid tolls for my old T31 which were incurred after I traded it in! I wrote to the Toll Operator explaining that this vehicle was traded in to a dealer prior to the toll being incurred. That letter was objected.

I then made inquiries with the dealer, and found there had been a stuff up, and the old T31 was still registered in my name. To make matters worse, I then made inquiries about my new T32, and I didn't own it!!! My new T32 which I was happily driving around in, was in fact registered to the person who bought my T31. Even though I had the actual registration papers, the RSM computer records showed otherwise.

The dealer blamed the RSM, and naturally the RSM blamed the dealer. Anyway, it took 2 weeks to resolve, and I now own my new T32 (again) and the other bloke owns my old T31. The Toll Operator has been advised, and have withdrawn the fines against me.

To "soften the blow"(?), the dealer has arranged for a petrol voucher to given to me to fill the tank - better than nothing I suppose?

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