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Date Registered: 02-2011
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
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Goodbye X Trail i

After 5 years of excellent service from our X Trail i (T31), preceded by 3 years with our T30, we have come to the end of the road with this great vehicle.

The T32 just doesn't make it as a replacement - lower ground clearance, lesser approach and departure angles, in general a vehicle which will not handle the need we have for the roads we travel. We looked at the Pathfinder and found the same problems with loss of off-road capability. The Patrol is currently not available until further notice.

We tried hard to find a new T31 still available somewhere in the country, with no luck. Also we looked for a low-mileage used model, once again with no luck. It seems that buyers have snapped up the remaining new ones, and that those who have them are keeping them.

With 80,000+ Km on the clock, much of which on roads ranging from relatively good gravel roads to tracks presenting a more significant challenge, and as we plan for our next "big trip" the current T31 needed to be replaced.

So, what did we choose?

...the 2016 5 door 3.8L petrol Montero - picked it up on Tuesday and took it out for an exploratory circuit yesterday.

On roads which the X Trail i would have found very challenging, in a couple of places unmanageable, the Montero simply takes them in its stride. The highway performance is about the same as the X Trail i (2.5L CVT) however on some very difficult tracks, up into the sub-Páramo (over 3400m / 11,250 ft) the Montero was unstoppable.

Did we miss anything? Well, the Montero has no descent control, which we felt would have been helpful on some very steep sections, although the big engine gave good compression braking when in Low/Locked drive. Apart from that, nothing. It remains to be seen how the fuel consumption stacks up, and whether the 22 gallon tank will really give us the range one might hope for.

So, all in all, a great replacement; with the X Trail i having been a marvellous vehicle in some very challenging conditions. A pity that Nissan have chosen to give up on the type of vehicle we need, since with a little more ground clearance, and better approach and departure angles, the X Trail would have been our choice.

Alan and Marce
X Trail i (T31)
21/Apr/2015, 6:59 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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