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BerraXer Profile
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Date Registered: 07-2012
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Mt Coree mission

Haapy Australia Day.
Long time since my last post. Went up Mt Coree today via Pabral rd. that's as narly as I want to go. Bottomed out a couple of times and lost the plastic engine shield on Pabral. Then made it up to top of mt Coree. Much to the surprise of the follower who was in a pajero. Nearly stalled on the last climb to the top. The trail is getting rough for us softroaders. Then on the way down smacked the sump on a rock which was bigger than it looked. Time to invest in a sump guard at tjm.
Interestingly enough the pajero didn't use low range as they were auto trans. Something to be said for the tech these days.
26/Jan/2014, 5:48 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 12-2010
Location: Macquarie Fields SYDNEY
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Re: Mt Coree mission

Yes it's really surprising what the Exy is capable of when put to the test........underbody protection (bash plates) coupled with a spring lift etc sure opens up the great outdoors for the more adventurous .....however, still need to drive within the limitations of the modded vehicle.

Dave Peek
X-1756 (c)
2010 T31 ST-L (S2) CVT Precision Grey.
Tow Bar, bash plates, PEDDERS lift, YOKO GEO AT/S tyres.

27/Jan/2014, 6:22 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 08-2012
Location: Canberra, ACT
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Yeah... i remember back in September 2012 I took my unmodified X-trail and a Holden Craptiva petrol on low profile tyres up there. Easy. But its been getting progressively worse on that last section, and i gave the bash plate a massive dent last time.

I wouldn't try Gentle Annie until you get underbody protection - you'll definitely scrape through there (i ripped the front plastic cover off and a mate bent his steel bulbar another time).

Some nice drives into the Brindabella Valley and through to Tumut that way. Go out and check Adelong along the way. Don't need any extra equipment, although an air compressor to lower the pressures makes the drive a bit more comfortable (i felt sorry for the occupants of the corolla i passed)

Michael K
2012 X-Trail Series IV Diesel TS
Member X-2600 (C)
Mods: Pedders Lift Kit, Bash Plates, 16" X-trail Steel Rims, 235/70/16 A/T Tyres, Heavy Duty shock absorbers
19/Feb/2014, 8:13 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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