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Date Registered: 10-2011
seat cover and concerns wwith airbag

G'day everyone,

Firstly I am new here so forgive me if the answer is already in the forum. I did look but couldn't find an answer to my satisfaction. We have just purchased a new T31 auto. We take our dog everywhere with us so naturally want to protect the seats We have paid for the Xpack fabric and paint protection but feel sheep skin seat covers front and rear would be the way to go. But I am worried about the side curtain arbag issue. I understand some manufacturers certify airbag compatible. Any thoughts? I can also get them tailor made but that means they won't have an AS approval {the hand made ones I saw had slits in the side to allow aibag activation} could that be an insurance issue in the event of an accident?

Kinf regards, Terry
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Date Registered: 09-2005
Location: Wishart Queensland

Terry, refer to this thread specifically T31 seat covers.

Jalal has posted in this thread so scroll down till you see it and it mentions ILANA website, click on that link and all your q's should be answered.

Jamie & Vicky - X112(c)

(old) Black 2005, Auto ST-X, (Series 2)
(new) 2011 Series 4 T31 T1 (CVT Auto) Diamond Black
(2nd car) 92 Pajero (old but tuff) Red

Black Thunda is the name, splashin' around is the game!
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Date Registered: 02-2004


Please note also that the introductions section of the forum is meant to be used for Intros Only. You will need to ask all your future questions in the corresponding section of the forum or the General Section if in doubt, but you always need to use the Site Search to perform the initial search and try and find an existing topic where a question can be asked.

The above makes finding the information for you and other members/visitors much easier.

Please use the existing topic pointed out to you by Jamie for follow-up questions.

Thread closed.


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