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I've been welcomed to the x-trail world

December 4, 2011 at 6:09am

so as of a month ago me and my other half decided it was time to move on from my love hate relationship with my subaru and venture to something cost saving but bigger at the same time. so after countless hours of reading and comparing cars we i mean i decided on an x-trail. although we went through the second hand option we got a 2006 40th anniversary exy through a dealer and I'm glad i did. like all cars around the 100000km mark they need a little bit of loving and because we went through the dealer it was all free. so all the money i would of spent just fixing the thing was spent on lightly modifying it. with the guide and help from an awesome site australian i have started my journey with a k@n filter, new plugs and now very soon will be my throttle body spacer ariving in the mail. :) but the problem is ......... we are about to have our first child so i loose the car for six months as she only has a hyundai 2 door getz so we came to an agreement that while the little one is in the rear facing capsule thingy majig she gets my car :(
so i will now be saving up for a new set of all terrain tyres and a new set off springs so when I'm reunited with my beast ill make up for not being there..

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