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Date Registered: 02-2021
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Aftermarket Cargo / Tonneau cover for T31

Just picked up a aftermarket cargo cover for the T31.


1. Remove blanking plate.
2. Press out the locking mechanism on the cover as you insert it into mounting point.
3. Put rear seats in at least one click back from most upright position
4. Connect cover hooks to base stems of headrests

- Very easy install
- Uses OEM mount
- No need for new seat backs like the OEM version
- Well made, looks strong enough

- The hooks used are to short to connect if the seat is in full upright seating position. So seats need to tilted at least one click back to connect.
- The website shows the cover section between the brace and seat hooks as a two piece. This is not the case, it's a single piece.

- Might buy some universal car headrest back seat hooks to give more play so I can adjust the seats all to the most upright position.

Available at:

2010 ST (MY10). ** MODIFIED*** King Lifted Springs, Rear protection tray, Sony XAV-AX1000 headunit, CMD05 Command Parking sensors, Garnish Mount Reversing Camera, Tow Bar, Left Side Cargo Drawer
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