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Date Registered: 05-2020
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T31 R18 swapping to 16 or 17 steelies?

I've taken a look at a tonne of pages on this forum but I can't quite seem to get my answer. In part it might be because I don't really understand wheel sizing all that well yet.

I've got a 2011 T31 TL xtrail with it's 225/55/R18 alloy wheels. I went offroading and it did a bloody fantastic job but I was let down by the slick R18 tyres.

I want to swap to something a bit more friendly to the offroad (possibly the pirelli scoroion ATR for it's excellent road/offroad split) however there aren't many for the alloy size.

I also prefer the plain steel to the alloy rims so I'm considering getting smaller steel wheels with larger tyres.

I've seen some people say that you can fit nothing smaller than a 16", I'd consider a 17" but I don't know what to look for and I get blank looks when I popped into tempe tyres or browse the jax and bob jane sites. People seem to just say that it can only fit 18" (obviously impossible given the lower trims had 17").

1) are there any benefits or disadvantages of fitting 16 over 17 or vice versa?
2) does anyone have any recommendations on where to go or which ones to get?
3) Anyone have opinions on tyres?
4) My mate ran a calc and came up with 16x7 ET28 5x114.3 steel wheel as the ideal.
5) Anyone want to buy a set of 5 alloy wheels emoticon

Any advice, suggestions or experiences are super welcomed. Merry Xmas all.

2011 X-trail TL dci 4x4 127KW
23/Dec/2020, 11:05 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 12-2010
Location: Macquarie Fields SYDNEY
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Re: T31 R18 swapping to 16 or 17 steelies?

I have a 2010 T31 and I am running 225/60/17 on my alloys. I also have a full size OEM alloy for a spare with a 225/60/17 tyre and it fits perfectly into the spare wheel well. Some T31 members have gone to 225/65/17. Others I believe have got steel 16" wheels and fitted them with AT tyres to suit. Hopefully they can respond as to their fit and performance etc.

Anyway, I have had no issues with the 17" AT tyres since changing to them from the initial tyres that came with the vehicle when purchased back in 2010.

Hope you can sort it out soon.


Dave Peek
X-1756 (c)
2010 T31 ST-L (S2) CVT Precision Grey.
Tow Bar, bash plates, PEDDERS lift, YOKO GEO AT/S tyres.

23/Dec/2020, 11:38 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
Revhead Kev Profile
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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Re: T31 R18 swapping to 16 or 17 steelies?

Hi Chris,

At the top of our forum pages you will see a square with a small tire symbol on it, just under the Logout button.
This will take you to a 3rd-party website which allows you to compare different tire sizes based on rim size, tire width and profile.
An example would be you put in your current 225/55/18 and then enter different values for the other tire like Dave's 225/60/17.
The object is to find a combination of width/profile/rim which gives you close to the same rolling diameter as your current so that you know speedo accuracy will not be altered.

A basic rule of thumb is that for each 1" decrease in rim size you need to increase the profile by 5 for the same width or increase the width by 10 for the same profile, hence Dave's 225/60/17 which matches your 225/55/18. For a 16" rim you would try 225/65/16 or 215/70/16

Kev X450(c) T30 Guru
03 Titanium Ti T30 Series 1 **MODIFIED**
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23/Dec/2020, 4:36 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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