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Date Registered: 07-2020
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posticon Steering Angle Sensor Calibration or Clock Spring malfunction

Hi everyone,

last year I managed to hit a kerb with my front driver side wheel.
this damaged the hub which I had replaced.

It also did something to the steering wheel telephone control buttons.

If the steering wheel is level the telephone buttons do not work but if I turn the steering wheel beyond 30° I can make a call and answer a incoming call.

Now, what I'm wondering, is this anything to do with the SAS or is it the clock spring or a loose connection within the steering wheel assembly

I've had no fault code or iml light up.

If it is the SAS where can I purchase a obd2 handheld device that has the SAS reset function that is compatible with xtrail t31 ST fwd 2.0 model. I know nissan use Consult 3+ now but that cost over 5k

I'm having the front bushes changed on Wednesday and the mechanic said he will change the clock spring but I'm debating whether it is the clock spring that's at fault.

Has anyone had this problem and if so how was it resolved

Thank you.

floppy ears.

Last edited by floppy ears, 24/Jul/2020, 12:21 pm
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