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Date Registered: 04-2020
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Wheel rim issues looking for suggestions T30

Good Afternoon Users,

I hope you are all well and in lockdown given current health situations. A few months ago I decided to beef up my 2007 T30 x trial by giving it a few modifications. One such modification was a rim and tyre upgrade. Now im not mechanically gifted nor do i know anything about tyres but i was looking to possibly construct a second set of tyres which i could change into for off road use. I did some research into the forum and found the option i was after was a set of sunraysia 16x7 wheel rims. I purchased this set of rims second hand (mainly because i wanted to keep my budget very low as they are only for a second set of tyres) only to find they completely didnt fit the car. I'm sure i've nuffed it up completely somehow and was wondering where i went wrong. The previous owner had no knowledge of offsets or PCD (which i think i got wrong) but i was unsure of how much this actually mattered? my thought (and research) was a 16x7 5 stud rim would fit the t30 model?

Anyway, i really didnt spend much on the rims so im not that dissappointed and am now looking for tyre suggestions for stock T30 rims. The stock rims i have on the car are 15x6, I am looking to possibly put an all terrain/mud tyre on these. My local mechanic could find anything like this that would fit (hes a mechanic not a tyre shop i know). I was wondering if anyone had done something similar and had any suggestions.

Thank you for your kind attention and suggestions.
And if anyone wants a cheap second hand set of 16x7 sunraysia you know who to ask lol.

1/Apr/2020, 11:13 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Re: Wheel rim issues looking for suggestions T30

Hi Ned,

It would be nice for you to make a post in the Introductions so we can get to know you a little better. Your membership acknowledgement should have mentioned that and without it your post risks being locked down by the Admin.

Meanwhile, using the site search for Sunrasia would return the following thread that seems to have exactly what you are asking.
Steel wheels for T30
Please follow up with any further posts in that thread to save duplication of information and to make answers on similar topics easier to find for all members.

Last edited by Revhead Kev, 2/Apr/2020, 7:30 pm

Kev X450(c) T30 Guru
03 Titanium Ti T30 Series 1 **MODIFIED**
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