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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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No Central Locking, No Interior Lights, No Rear Demister

Hi All,

Had the sunroof leak into the front interior light fitting the other day. Caused by the drainage tubes being blocked from dust. Usually something I clean out every winter but as I had not done any 4WDing for a while thought they would be clear.

Central locking opened the doors in the morning and then when at work the central locking did not work with the key fob. Thinking the battery may have been dead in the key fob I tried the interior central locking button and that did not work either. So locked the doors with the key lock.

Looking through the service manual I found the Time Control Module controlled the central locking and thought it a coincidence that it may have failed at the same time as the water ingress to the interior light.

The service manual also showed the interior light and rear demister were controlled by the Time Control Module and upon checking these, they also did not work.

Checking all the fuses, 3 of them, I found the 10Amp interior light fuse F26 was blown and upon replacing it all items started working again.

Lesson...If you find your central locking not working, check the interior lights and rear demister and all fuses F5, F26 & F28 related to the Time Control Module.

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