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Date Registered: 08-2013
Location: Canberra
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Faulty BCM, is my guess

Anybody able to assist jexy05 ?

sorry to bother you but i have an issue i hope you may be able to help me with,
my t30 locks fine, but then it unlocks again at it's leisure, sometimes straight away and sometimes 5 minutes or more, the bcm (white box under dash) clicks constantly while your driving but then other times it is silent and the car stays locked, the interior light comes on sometimes also, the remote works ok and i have taken out the battery to make sure it's not stuck and it still does it,
could this be one of the door lock solenoids malfunctioning?
or perhaps the interior light switches/door ajar switch on the doors telling the bcm the door is still open hence the unlocking?
i dont want to chase my tail or spend a fortune (im not rich at all) and the only assistance i got on here was buy a manual but thats great for a diagram but doesnt really help me,
any help would be appreciated,
thanks in advance,

2013 ST, T31 Series 5. Aug, 2013
24/Jul/2018, 9:35 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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