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Date Registered: 06-2018
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posticon T31No power to injectors.

Hi all, im wondering if anyone has come across the same problem. I noticed the the xtrail started running rough a small bit but thought I was imagining it until last week it got progressively worse to the point it now won't start. No fault codes have come up or are [sign in to see URL] mechanic at this point has checked out the fuel system and diesel is being pumped to the injectors but the injectors won't electronically open. The xtrail will run on easy start but obviously not by itself. Next job is to split the loom and check all for continuity . It's the T31 [sign in to see URL] m9r with 214000km on it. Has anyone ever had the same problem and found the fault...????
15/Jun/2018, 3:55 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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