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Date Registered: 06-2018
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T31 Petrol 2010 - Washer motor sprays the back but not the front windows

Hey chaps

Hope this has not been covered before in the 16 pages of posts emoticon

I have tested as far as pulling off the washer motor and running it forward and backward on a 12 volt supply.

Motor is ok.

If I activate the rear washer from the control I register a full 12v or -12v at the plug. So this validates the motor works on the rear control.

However, when activating the control for the front , very low next to no voltage is observed. So my issue is not the wiring to the motor, or the 10A fuse under under the driver's dash.

Has anyone got any other suggestions where I can check ??

I suspect I know where my fault is.. but I don't want to biest the responce emoticon

Thanks in advance !! Once this is fixed.. I will fix the plumbing work around I have enacted emoticon

Kind regards
Leyton Smith
7/Jun/2018, 7:27 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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