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Date Registered: 02-2008
Location: Sydney
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Android Auto and Apple Carplay

Hello, my T31 is 10 years old and only done 45k. Although it has low mileage, it is old but I still like the square shape over the t32. One cheap way to refresh this car is to upgrade the nasty radio with Android Play, Reverse Camera and new speakers plus cheap sub-woofer.

No point spending 1000's on an old car, so I got an entry level SonyAX100 Android Auto/Apple Carplay 2DIN $470 plus labour. It was magic, straight away the interior felt like a new car again. The hands free was crystal clear and the included Mic was perfect for phone calls or voice commands, Google map was just how Google map should be, but it is only 2D so a proper GPS is still more user friendly. Spotify is brilliant and that unit had a great equalizer that pumps out very good powerful sound supplemented by a reasonable deep bass form the cheap flat subwoofer fitted in rear draw compartment and out of sight. The new speakers are cheap 4ways that have much clearer sound than the originals. 100% better. Reverse camera of course is not factory, but good enough for the job.

Having used both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Andriod is preferred, simply because Google map is better than Apple Map and Carplay only accepts Siri where as Android accepts both assist and keyboard. KB is handy, if voice don't work from time to time.

The are other 2DINS that are 2-3 times the price, they have features that I dont really need, like a tilt higher resolution responsive screen, Digital Time Alignment, dual usb, 4v output, built in GPS and etc. My entry level feels just as luxury as the expensive ones. Is a good deal. Ill upload some pics if I find time.

Last edited by PaulX, 17/Apr/2018, 12:44 am
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Date Registered: 01-2011
Location: Perth
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Good work!

I also recently got that unit, very happy. have the standard speakers and it sounds quite nice, obviously no phat beats without a subwoofer but its certainly ok.

With iOS12 update on iphones you now get apple maps as well as waze, so lots of navigation choices.


T31 Ti CVT Silver
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