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Date Registered: 04-2018
vibrating in drive when car is stationary / transmission

I just bought a 2017 Ti x trail 2.5 L petrol. car is new .
when I am stopped at the lights and in drive, after around 20 seconds car starts to vibrate a little ( not excessive) but enough to annoy me. idle set at around 620 rpm.
Any ideas what is causing this and how we can fix this?
I took it back to the dealership for 1000 km check up and they said it is normal ? my friend bought the same car and it does not do this so it is definitely not normal. They also said they cannot adjust the idle rpm up a little which I thought might help.
If I put the air con on, does not seem to vibrate as much also ?
Also when slowing down, and gentle braking applied at around 20 km /hr, transmission seems to jump a little sometimes ?
Not sure if the 2 are related ?
I would appreciate any thoughts / ideas
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Date Registered: 02-2016
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Re: vibrating in drive when car is stationary / transmission


Unfortunately i can't tell you exactly what the issue is, but can definitely confirm it is not normal.

I have test driven several of the new Xtrails to see what difference there is to the 2012 i own, surprisingly other than the new body and nice interior the mechanical side is very similar.

The first 2 i drove were very smooth, no vibrations or gear changing noticeable.
The third i drove seemed to respond in a similar fashion to what you say. When i queried this with the dealer i got the same standard response. its the way the car is.

It's funny that your issue is lessened if you turn the air con on. The reason i say this is because the air con puts extra strain on the engine as the compressor engages. In my car i had the air con coil assembly replaced, which stopped the vehicle from nearly stalling when air con was on and car in idle.

I have spoken with a mechanic friend and he has suggested to take the car to 2 separate dealerships and see what they say. If you have the time also take it to a mechanic you trust and get his opinion.

As the car is new it will be covered by warranty.


Silver 2012 Series 5 4WD X-Trail
Very Modified.............
16/Apr/2018, 10:35 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2004

Hi Steve,

As a new member to the forum, you're kindly asked to make your first post in the introductions section of the forum before posting anywhere else.

It gives you the chance to introduce yourself and your Exy and be assigned a Member ID. Thanks emoticon


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