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Date Registered: 06-2006
posticon Extractors on stock exhaust T32 Xtrail QR25

Hi guys

New to the forum here, lots of good info!!

Got a T32 ST-L and loving it, even more so since I took it on stockton beach and it did not miss a beat, in fact a mate had a land rover discovery and he had trouble keeping up emoticon I'm sure its got a lot to do with weight but hey, I'll run with it.

Since then I'm obsessed with getting more torque out of it but DO NOT want the noise that comes with a full system.

I'm looking at getting a set of headers alone for it and modifying the down pipe to fit the second cat. Has anyone got any experience with extractors only on the XTrail? It also seems the only headers I can find are 4-1 (hurricaine) or 4-2-1 with incredibly short secondaries (megan/xs-power) My experience with headers is you need longer secondaries for more torque.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Cheers all.
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Date Registered: 02-2004

Hi There,

As a new member to the forum, you're kindly asked to make your first in the introductions section of the forum which allows you to introduce yourself and your Exy and be assigned a Member ID. Thanks


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