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Date Registered: 07-2008
Location: Melbourne, Australia
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t30 difficult gear shifts and crunching gears

For some time now the gear shifts have become more notchy and often have a bit of crunching associated especially between first and second. I was thinking it was probably just the synchros wearing out as the car had 272K on the clock. I also noticed that there was a fair bit of freeplay in the clutch and in a trial if I held gentle pressure on the pedal if would very slowly creep towards the floor. My first thought was the hydraulic creep in either the clutch master or the slave cylinder.

Anyhow I squashed down into the footwell and adjusted the length of the master cylinder pushrod where it attaches to the clutch pedal (a 10 minute job with all the contortions for access). This solved the problem immediately and it's been great for the last few thousand kms; my wife was especially happy it was fixed.

All along I had thought it was the syncros as the problem developed so slowly over months and was hardly recognisable at first.

Just thought I'd put this out there as one adjustment worth checking on before looking for bigger issues.


Stock Standard Gold xtrail T30 Series I
2003 275,000km
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