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Date Registered: 10-2016
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Engine cuts out below 1000rpm T30 2.2 Diesel

Hi, my 2007 T30 2.2 diesel Aventura was cutting out when the rpm drops below 1000, and then wouldn’t start at all. The fault code said “crankshaft position sensor”, and “EGR fault” Having fitted a new crank transducer, had the injectors serviced, and replaced the EGR, it starts with difficulty, revs up, but still cuts out below 1000 rpm. It will run ok if left with throttle wedged at 1100rpm or higher. Adjusting the crank transducer does not improve things. The “crank position sensor” fault still comes up sometimes. If I rev it to above [sign in to see URL], and then switch it off, it restarts more easily, but not as normal. I rigged a gravity fuel feed system to eliminate fuel feed problems, but the problem remains the same. I’ve read many posts related to similar issues, but can’t find a fix. Can anybody help please? Could it be fuel pressure at the diesel rail?
I have also recently had a new Nissan brake servo cam chain fitted, though this was a few months and miles ago. Please can anybody advise and help?

My X-Trail T30 2007 would run fine but not tick over. It cut out below 1000rpm. Was showing “crankshaft” and “EGR errors” from time to time, but not always. So, injectors tested, timing chain set changed, brake servo (cam timing lugs sprocket) chain set changed, cam shaft and crank shaft sensors changed (twice). EGR sorted. Timing fully checked and OK. Diagnostics all check out fine, live data all fine. It will now tick-over when warm, but not when cold.

There is a connection plug with black and pink wires (white plug with black shroud / cover) which I found loose behind the engine. Can anybody advise what this connection may be please?

When warm, and releasing accelerator, it will tick over at about 900rpm for a short while, then drop to about 725rpm (checked on live data).

Temporarily I have “blocked up” the accelerator pedal with tape, though this makes the tick over 1500rpm or more when the engine is warm.

Can anybody advise why it won’t tick over when cold please?

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