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Date Registered: 10-2017
2005 Petrol X-Trail unstable RPM when warm

Hi all,
I have some troubles with my 2005 Petrol X-Trail.

My X-TRail:
Series: T30 II
Badge: Ti-L
Transmission: Manuel
Fuel: Petrol
Year: 2005
Kilometers: [sign in to see URL]
Engine Size: [sign in to see URL]
Cylinders: 4
VIN: JN1TBNT30A#######

The problem I have is an unstable RPM while driving.
After about 15 Minutes of driving the engine is getting warm and the RPM needle starts to jump up and down,
especially if it's around 2000 RPM there is a big power loss and the speed is going down.
If the accelerator is fully pressed - doesn't matter how fast your going, aslong you're moving - it is accelerating stable, but with less power as before.
If it's idle and cold everything is normal, after getting warm it is unstable aswell when idle. It even goes that far,
that I sometimes can't even move the car after standing still at the traffic lights.
I bought that X-Trail with [sign in to see URL] k's and didn't had any troubles with it till yet.
It only had an increasing vibration after getting warm and driving 110km/h, the mechanic has seen the engine mount as the origin for that issue.

So I've been to the mechanic with that troubles and he changed the fuel filter and the sparkplugs in hope that it will fix the problem but it didn't.
I'm slowly getting desperate emoticon , beacause even the mechanic is out of ideas what it could be. It throwes no codes and the engine light doesn't turn on.

Had someone expierenced something similar, and had figuered out what the problem was?
If anyone has some suggestions what it could be please let me know emoticon .

Thank you,
30/Oct/2017, 1:49 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2004
Re: 2005 Petrol X-Trail unstable RPM when warm

Hi There,

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