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Date Registered: 10-2017
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Roof top tent on X-Trail T30 2003

Hello all!

My friend and I just bought our 2003 X-Trail T30, and are preparing for our big Australia trip.
We want to buy a roof top tent, and are a bit confused as to what we need for it.

I called 4WD Supa Centre customer service and they told me I need cross bars, and then I can buy the roof top tent racks and the tent itself from their store. Then I called the Sydney store directly to check availability, and there they told me they don't sell the racks for the X-trail, so I should get them from roofrackcity, then come to them for the tent. On the roofracktent website they don't have roof top tent racks for my car specifically, only the cross bars.

My questions now are:

1. What exactly do I need for a roof top tent, cross bars, special roof top tent racks, or both?

2. Can I use racks for another car model if the website doesn't have them for the 2003?

3. Is it possible at all to get the tent on my car, or is there a reason why I can't find racks for that model (other than that it is an old one)?

4. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find what I need (Sydney region), and how much in advance I have to order?

Thank you very much!

2003 Nissan X-trail T30 Automatic White
14/Oct/2017, 2:30 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: Roof top tent on X-Trail T30 2003

Hi Melina & Sandra,

You can certainly fit a roof top tent on your Exy and this has been done by other members before.

If you refer to THIS thread, it has some useful information on the suppliers that sell this set-up (sorry, it's an old thread so some pics are out-dated or not working anymore).

My understanding of the fitment (and other members may chip in soon as well) is that you need to standard roof racks (either Nissan ones or from suppliers like Thule, Rolla or Rhino Roof racks..etc) and would then need the cross-bars that should come with the roof-top tent to complete the installation.

All of the T30 X-Trail model roof racks would fit yours, as they're all identical from 2001-2007.

ARB provide a complete roof-top tent set-ups that are suitable for the Exy.

Hope this helps.

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