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Date Registered: 12-2016
Location: Central Coast NSW
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T31 Series 5 Head Unit Wiring

Hey guys,

I've recently installed a 10in Joying head unit into the SexyExy, all works well except for cameras (that was expected) and the steering wheel controls. I know I have a couple of wires to connect to get them to work but I'm not entirely sure which ones are which. Any idea where I can find a wiring diagram or something so I can figure out what is what?

I found out which of the wires are the camera ones, however not sure how the heck I could get the Avm working, I believe another member has made it work so I will have to research that! Again just gotta figure out which wires are which!

Ryan (X-4930)
2012 T31 Turbo Diesel X-Trail TL (Series V)
Central Coast NSW

Current mods: CB radio, Driving Lights, Roof Racks, Adventure Kings Awning, Bash Plates

Wanted mods: Exhaust, Lift, New Headunit
11/Jul/2017, 10:53 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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