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Date Registered: 01-2017
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posticon X-Trail pre wired for towing caravan?


This is my first time posting so if it sounds a dumb question its prob because it is… emoticon

I bought a 2010 x-trail last year and now want to borrow a caravan from a relative. The tow bar was already fitted and there is a seven pin trailer controller on as well. I have read a few posts on here and made a few phone calls about getting a brake controller fitted – lowest cost I got quoted was $550 for a redarc elite with fitting or about $200-250 for fitting only. I am in Perth, WA so not sure how this compares?

One call I made to a Nissan dealer suggested that the car may already be pre wired for electric brakes in which case I would hope that the installation cost would be less or is it just a case of plugging the controller in somewhere? My question is

a. Is it possible it has been pre-wired and
b. How can I tell – hunting around on the net I believe the brake wire is blue so do I need to remove part of the plug casing to check?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


31/Jan/2017, 10:51 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: X-Trail pre wired for towing caravan?

Hi Mark,

THIS thread has some very good information about the brake controller which might help you find it (if it's already fitted in your Exy) or offer you guidance on how to fit one.


2/Feb/2017, 9:22 am Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog


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