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Date Registered: 12-2015
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posticon Anyone ever done an AC Control unit repair?

Within minutes of buying my T30 on a screaming hot day a year ago, I was messing with the AC controls and I broke something. I want to fix it now (finally).

It's the third knob [sign in to see URL] one that redirects the airflow to your feet, the dash or the windscreen. I was turning it to see how the functionality was and it was a little sticky and did not want to turn to the right (windscreen). I gave it a harder twist, and it yielded a tiny bit, then suddenly turned easily, but nothing changed with the airflow. Obviously something behind [sign in to see URL] the cable had broken (or the little nut on one end or the other came off), or it broke away from the knob, or something.

I managed to reach behind the console and set the door of the air vent so that the AC blows across my face so I at least had functioning AC, but I'd like fix that knob now.

Looking online, it appears that the entire AC control assembly is enclosed in a little box, like a radio. Has anyone ever had this piece out? Can that box be opened, and the interior repaired? If it's some sort of sealed unit, then I'm not even going to take my dash apart and I'll look for a replacement box. And for the record, just how does that knob connect to the air direction [sign in to see URL] would assume it's a cable, but how does the cable connect to the knob inside the box?

[sign in to see URL] time I see that non-functioning knob, I think of how stupid I was to break it within minutes of buying the car.

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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Re: Anyone ever done an AC Control unit repair?

If you are a fully paid forum member you can access a free download copy of the full Electronic Service manual for your Xtrail which has all the information and diagrams you need to do any repairs including the manual airconditioning control cables you are referring to.

Details for memberships are located ]here.

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