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Date Registered: 05-2012
Location: Sunshine Coast
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Continental Sports Contact 5 Suv Tyre.

The Dunlop SP20's came with my new T31 in 2012 but I promised to give my impressions when I replaced that set with a new set of Continental Sports Contact 5 SUV tyres in 2015.

After 10,000 km on the new Continental tyres, I can only say that they are absolutely brilliant!

After fitting them, on the way home they did not skid on the same gravel road on which the Dunlops invoked 'override' flashing lights, even through a faster approach.

That sense of grip has lasted.

These tyres are exceptional (in comparison to previous) as they hold the road as if it is through your own fingers both in wet and dry.

Note: the recommended tyre pressure was 36 psi.

That pressure gives a soft and vague 'feel' which many people may think is ideal.
Not for me.

To properly understand and appreciate what the grip of this tyre has to offer to the Xtrail platform, I'd suggest 40 psi front and 38 psi rear.

It is a soft compound tyre but not markedly softer than the original, (Dunlop 300 vs Conti 280) but I have found that this Continental is a quiet, unassuming looking tyre which has an absolutely exceptional grip on everything I have thrown at it.

Probably because of the deep central grooves.

The lateral grip is now expected, so I always expect to leave the low-slung cars behind at roundabouts while they futilely brake for things which are to me of no consequence.

The Continentals won't turn the X Trail into a sports car, but I've had both and the Continental tyres make the Xtrail more nimble on gravel and bitumen than I could have imagined.

Sand is also a doddle but I have not tested these tyres on gibbers/rocks.

Edit: Did I I say that I think the grip is absolutely sensational?

I accept that they will wear twice as fast (280 rated) as the tyres which cost twice as much but that is a good tradeoff.

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2011/12 Australia:- 2.5 litre petrol 4WD, Series IV ST, CVT : + some gadgets and cosmetic add-on's. Dirt, (it protects the paintwork) X-2429(c).
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