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Date Registered: 08-2013
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tyre sizes and replacement

Hi guys, just came back from a trip around Australia. Did it on Dunlops grand trek st 20 - 225/60 R17, which came with the car. Did the job very well, no punctures in 16000kms, but now I would like quieter and longer lasting tyre. Done about 42000 kms on them, few thousand on dirt roads. Its time to replace them and I was wondering what size tire can I fit on my existing rim. Or is it only the existing size 225/60R17 that I can use? Few times I was interested in a tire, but it was not available in 225/60 r17. Can you recommend a tyre which lasts a bit longer and is quiter than Dunlops grand trek? Thank you for your help, regards Danny

Zdenek, Melbourne, 76948, 2012 X trail petrol St T31, series 5,manual
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Date Registered: 09-2012
Location: Brisbane
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Hi Danny,

Not sure about different sizes, but Cooper CS5s claim to have more tread depth and therefore last longer. Some Pirellis are similar.

I have just (about a month ago) put a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde 'All Seasons' on my wife's car and they are a VERY quiet tyre. She doesn't go offroad at all.

I'm putting Cooper CS5s on mine at the end of the week so I can do light offroading. Both are 225/60 R17


Mark (X-2639)
2011 ST Series IV 4x4 with CVT in Precision Grey
Cooper CS5s, Tinting, Towbar, Bonnet Protector.
Mods: Steering Wheel Lights, Bash Plates, DBA Slotted Rotors

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