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Date Registered: 05-2010
Location: Adelaide
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Towing a Caravan with T31 CVT and ESP Off!!

I have heard claims that the T31 tows better ie more power, better offline acceleration and less sluggish performance generally with ESP turned off!!
I can only imagine this would be the case if the Caravan was swaying or pitching rather badly thereby causing the ESP to think the car was becoming unstable and so reducing engine power and perhaps intelligently braking a strategic wheel or two to stabilise motion.
Any thoughts or experiences?

Last edited by Translucidus, 17/Nov/2014, 5:14 pm

2007 X-Trail T31 ST-L

Xy going vertical at Bendleby Station . . .

17/Nov/2014, 5:12 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message
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Date Registered: 04-2012
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I know this is an old post. But here's something interesting for you.
When you're driving, say 80km in a 100km zone. Tramp it and observe the results (foot to floor)

Now at 80km, set your cruise control. Now tramp it. Observe the completely different results.

Now at 80km, tramp it and then set your cruise control half way. Watch the revs immediately spike when cruise is set.

I'm not sure about the ESP - but the CVT T31s will rev FAR more aggressively when in cruise control. No idea why, but it's observable, testable and repeatable. I use this trick for overtaking regularly.

Name: Kris ----- Member ID: X-2353
2011 T31 ST-L CVT 2.5 4WD
Ballarat, Victoria
9/May/2015, 8:09 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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