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Date Registered: 07-2015
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Re: T31 lower control arm bushes.

I was aware of the fact that the steering may need an alignment, but my car still steers perfectly. I've reached 172,000k's and my car has NEVER had a wheel alignment. I'm on my 3rd set of ST20s and average between 75,000 and 85,000k's per set. The car doesn't wander or pull to one side, doesn't scrub or feather the tyres and the tyres are wearing great. I check the tyres for correct air pressure and any irregular wear often, and rotate them every 5,000k's. Having a wheel alignment done is probably good advice for someone that just gets in and drives away without checking the above, but I've had bad experiences with reputable tyre and wheel alignment specialists, so I'll only get an alignment done if I think one is needed. emoticon

X-4282 (c)
Glen Alpine, Sydney
2010 T31 Cvt STL
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