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Date Registered: 01-2011
Location: Perth
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I changed the operation of the factory fog lights to act as DRLs.

This is on a series 1 T31.

I replaced the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, they appear brighter but not sure if they are bright enough for decent sunny day visibility. Will monitor in different conditions.

Are the Aliexpress ones very bright (the direct replacement 9 LED units)?

You can quite easily remove the fog lights from the top from under the bonnet. After doing it once, its a minute for drivers side and two for passenger (need to unclip the airbox snorkel). A bit fiddly but very quick and no need to remove panels from underneath etc.

Once you undo the bolt in the rear of the light, there is a small tab (part of the bumper moulding) you need to pry away a few mm from the light to release it, I used a stubby flat screw driver.

I only removed the lights to have a look and see how the adjustment screw works (up / down aim).

I did all the wiring inside the IPDM next to the under bonnet fuse box. Gently push the 4 tabs towards the outside and the top (the enitre module) lifts off.

Below is the layout of the IPDM, with the locations for all the connections you need. Constant 12v, 12v feed back to the fog lights, ignition switched 12v (pin 47), ground (pin 25), and lights on 12v (pin 37 or 38 or 39).


You need to remove the fog light relay (bottom left), the two right pins are the switched posts from the fog light relay. The left is constant 12v, the right goes to foglights via fuse.


The ignition switched 12v feed has a delay after you turn off the ignition for a few seconds so the DRLs stay on for a bit after turning off ignition. The manual states 20seconds but its more like 5. I spliced the cables to connect the new wires, soldering the joints and insulating. The 12v constant and fog light feed i used spade terminals (where the relay normally plugs in).

Below is the simple circuit i used to make the DRLs turn on with ignition, and off if the lights are turned on (inc just parking).


You just need a standard relay and a relay with normally closed contacts. I also added diodes across the coils to prevent feedback when the coils are turned off and discharge. this may not be needed but is a good safeguard.

The two relays and wiring all fits back into the enclosure.


T31 Ti CVT Silver
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