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Date Registered: 06-2003
Location: Runboard Staff
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=> RDS 2010 Thunder & Lightning Finals <=

=> RDS 2010 Thunder & Lightning Finals <=
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The time has now come around for the Big Battle for Board of the Year.
Your board has gone through Board of the Week and Board of the Month, this is the Final Leg.

Congratulations on getting to the Final for the year 2010.

1) Please Click ]HERE
2) Reply to the topic- Just say "hi"
3) THEN Vote for your Board to win and become Board Of The Year 2010.

Only one vote allowed in this very exciting heat.

Please do read the Rules ]Here
Remember No MPDs (Multiple Personally Disorder, ie multiple SNs) allowed.
You must be a member of Runboard Directory to vote.
Membership is granted after you post once. If you've already posted previously you do not have to post to vote.

Myself and other staff will come by periodically to check to see if there are any questions or concerns.
You may also PM any questions to the RDS Director Pastor Rick.

Very best of Luck to you and your board.
The winner will be announced on January 16, 2011.
Jalal, please move this to where you wanted. This was the only place I could post it.

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TCC <closed right now>
BotY Winner 2012
7/Jan/2011, 8:12 am Link to this post Send Private Message
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Thanks Erika.

Guys, please refer to ]THIS thread where the voting is being tracked.


7/Jan/2011, 9:14 am Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog


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