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Date Registered: 04-2016
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Re: Head Light Repairs - Buff & Polish

Hi. I know old thread, but noob member here!

I buff mine with buffing compound and a buffer, on low speed. It does clear it, but without the UV protective clear on it, it yellows off pretty fast. I'm planning on getting new headlights from an aftermarket panel house (OEM, not originals) for about $265 off ebay soon. The other problem of course is the fine crazing of the plastic, and even some discoloration inside the lens which make my lights look like total kee-rap. It simply annoys the heck out of me. I'm not a perfectionist, but when I see imperfections like this, my OCD kicks in and wont let me forget about it!

A side note. My solar unit on my house has a plastic viewing window where you see how much power you generated. Buffing compound + elbow grease = almost clear window again. Then I covered it with a flap of stiff dark plastic to keep those nasty UV rays away. A year on and its still clear. *Must research removal of UV rays from sunlight.* Cheers

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Adelaide South Australia.
2004 T30 Ti now sold on :(
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2013 T31 ST Series V Auto Petrol. 4x4. Nudge Bar, HD Roof Racks, Left hand drawer, custom seat covers, Dash Cam front and rear
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