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Date Registered: 09-2008
Location: Wyrallah. N.S.W.
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Re: **Flash-Back**2008 Forum Statistics**

Hope everyone had very merry christmas, & a happy & prosperous 2009.
One of the best sites I ever found was this one, since owning our Exy, we have met some fantastic people, who enjoy their Exy's as much as we do.
Im proud to be a part of this forum, & am doing what I can to spread the word about it.
I would like to personally congratulate Jalal, & the rest of the admin team for the fantastic job they are doing. emoticon


365 new members for the year = 1 new member each day on average.
At that rate we'll get upto about 1500 members at the end of 2009.

We have nearly reached our 1100th member, if we keep going like this, who knows where we are gunna end up.
Congratulations to everyone for making this a great site to be in. emoticon

Last edited by wanderer69, 5/Jan/2009, 8:01 pm

John & Melinda. X970 (c)

2007 STS Exy, Diamond White.
Bonnet Protect. Member No's, Forum & URL Stickers. T/Bar. Side steps.
S/Line W/shields, S/roof Deflector (Lost); Brake Decal.
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