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Date Registered: 09-2008
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T31 Head unit Ti Model

Hi all,

I am having some issue with my Ti headunit. I have the nissan bluetooth installed and the headunit factory fitted drops the bluetooth connection.

What i mean is, the bluetooth on my mobile stays connected but the radio turns back on, as if the bluetooth module is not there connected to the headunit... (hope that makes sense)

ANYWAY... nissan will swap the unit (its a clarion i am told) but dont know there own model numbers I am arguing with them which is really painful. ( i even took it in)

Anybody have any idea what the model of the headunit fitted in the T31 Ti?

Once again thanks in adavnce.


T31 Precision Grey
Auto CVT
13/Oct/2008, 10:09 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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