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Date Registered: 07-2018
Location: Curitiba
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Re: Thinking about oversized tyres on T31


someone using a 215/80 r16 in an original t31? The diameter is 75cm. The original tire in my t31 has 69cm of diameter.

This is two options that I have here in my city:


The tire size difference:


T31 LE Petrol MR20DE 2.0 4FWD 2009 Black
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Date Registered: 09-2018
Location: Philippines
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to reply to the above and put a bit of life back in this thread ... I dont think a 750mm dia tyre will fit under the wheel arch without mods. It certainly will not fit in the spare wheel well no matter how much you try.

A few days ago I replaced all 5 of my Dunlop SP20's. My 2011 car was supplied with the usual 215/60 17's and after 80k kms they needed replacing again. Looking at the tyre dates I'm guessing it was on its 2nd set. The original and totally unused spare was dated 2010 ...the 4 on the wheels dated 2015. Tried to sell the unused spare back to the tyre place ..but because of the date they wouldnt take it ... fair enough.

Tyre choice in my part of the world is VERY limited ... but I really wanted to increase the aspect ratio to something sensible so minimum 65%. Putting 60 series tyres on a vehicle with off-road ambitions seems to me to be an unusual decision ...sidewall dimensions are so much more important when off the tarmac...really dont understand Nissan's thinking here. Anyway..after reading all the tyre threads and checking tyre size calculators a plenty.. I was left with 225/65 x 17 as the most likely choice. Some folk have used 235's without issue ..but some also mention the occasional rubbing .. I didnt want that. A 215/70 r17 might have been an option too so they were also in my mind.

Try as I might to find an A/T Geolander in 225/65 or 215/70 locally.. it wasnt to be. I couldnt even find a budget A/T tyre in either size so had to go for a H/T. Probably for the best as I only occasionally get off the tarmac these days.

In the end I found somewhere with qty 5 budget 225/65 Sportrak SP766 All Season SUV M&S H/T's for about US$85 each all fitted n done. The spare fitted in the wheel well after deflating to 5psi or so .. and the trunk floor sits flat. I'm pretty sure that will be the MAXIMUM tyre size that will fit in there tho was tight but it did go ... another few mm on the dia ..say a 235/65 ..and I dont think it will go in. I didnt actually find anywhere with a 215/70 r17 in stock which was a shame ... there are a few mm more in dia but as I said... it possibly wouldnt have fitted in the spare well.

Anyway ... done a few days driving on the 225/65's and the car is transformed. Granted..putting new tyres on helped..but I think mainly the increase in aspect ratio has had the most effect. Road imperfections (of which there are MANY here!) are much less intrusive and the car is smooth to drive now and WAY quieter than the admittedly old 60 series Dunlops.
According to the online tyre size places I gain a free 17mm of extra clearance using those tyres too.. which is always nice.

Anyone with a T31 who is approaching the time for new tyres should think very carefully before buying 60 series tyres again .... the 225/65's are the way to go IMO ..... the spare fits in the wheel well..and there are ZERO rubbing issues least so far.

Last edited by Bertoknee, 18/May/2019, 1:35 pm

Graeme, Cagayan Valley, PH
T31 Series 2 2011 2.5 CVT 4WD
18/May/2019, 1:30 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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