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Date Registered: 08-2008
Location: Taree
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X-Trail Push

Imagine 2.00am, thunder, lightning, bucketting down with rain. Theres' a knock on the door, hubby and wife upstairs in bed, you going to answer that, asks wife. OK, says hubby.

Puts on dressing gown, slippers, goes down stairs to front door, opens door, there standing before him, absolutely drenched is a man who says, can you give us a push.
Hubby looks at him and says, its 2am, pouring with rain and you want a push, go away.
Closes door and tramps back up to bed. Who was that, wifey asks, some guy looking for a push, says hubby.

Remember last year when our X-Trail got bogged and this bloke came along and gave us a push, I think you should do the right thing, says wifey. OK, says hubby, puts on dressing gown and slippers, goes down the stairs to the front door, opens it, walks out to the front fence and yells in the dark, Are you still there? Yes, says the man, Do you still need a push?says hubby. Yes says the man, Where are you, says hubby.

Over by the swings. boom boom
13/Aug/2008, 2:12 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2008
Location: North Maclean Qld
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Re: X-Trail Push

Like that one very much emoticon

regards Scot & Wendy


T31 2008 CVT TI Series 1 Electric Blue
13/Aug/2008, 2:38 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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